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Madlove has worked with a wide variety of businesses and brands, taking care of all types of video solutions. We are extremely proud of our ability to take an idea from original conception to final output efficiently and creatively.

Video has a multitude of uses within a company and is not constrained to promoting the business itself. We have taken care of all internal business video production as well as external business promotion. Whether it be a message to staff, introducing new initiatives, company announcements or simply to remind your staff how they are helping your business grow, we will be sure to come up with creative and engaging video content to carry your message to your audience

We are a highly skilled, motivated & experienced team. 


"We are always very impressed with the final result."

Jade - Head of The BodyShop at Home

"We have been working with Madlove productions since 2011 and have always found them to be extremely good at heading a variety of our video projects. We can be quite demanding at times, but Madlove have always gone above and beyond to be sure the video was out on deadline. We have used them for our large events, e-commerce as well as our internal video projects. We would highly recommend them for video."

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